Added Features

A range of functional features has been added to the CoD4x client. Some of which are described and explained in the following sections.

Add Favorites to Serverbrowser

In the original game it was a big hassle to manage server favorites as it required manually typing the IP addresses and ports for servers. Especially, when the favorite list bugs out again and deletes itself *sigh*.

CoD4x adds the client command addFavorite to make management of your favorite servers more convenient. The command can be used in two ways.

  • You are currently playing on a server Just type \addFavorite into your console and the server you are playing on will be added to your favorites

  • In every other case ... ... you can just add the ip and port as an argument to the command, to add any server to your favorites. E.g.: \addFavorite

Steam Groups

CoD4x makes playing with your clan tag more convenient. Make sure your steam client is running already, and start the game. Open up the console and start typing \clan. (Make sure you hit the spacebar after typing clan). The auto-completion will show to you your available steam groups. By typing \clan <number> you can select any of them. Typing \clan 0 removes any currently shown steam group from your name.

Server Browser

Shell Extension for Demo Files